About Empowered

This is me and the day my skin care range arrived i was literally on cloud 9 when i took this picture.


So first let me start by saying thank you for taking the time to visit my site.

Im Danielle Louise and I am the face, owner and creator of Empowered Collections.

i have been in the hair and beauty industry now for over 17 years and after opening a successful salon and academy i decided it was time to launch my own brand of products.

i 1st started with my own line of facial products back in 2015/16 and then the manufacture i used closed down leaving me at a loose end as this was a white label type product i launched. feeling a little lost with what to do i set out then spending my teim researching the market looking at pros and cons of launching a brand and all the ways you can do this like packaging where and how its made

after a lot of time and research i started my formulation diploma allowing me to create my own products giving me the power to choose what goes in an how its made and where. eduction is key and its somthing i contulesy take part in for my produts my salon and my academy

so back in 2020 i launched my 1st set of perfumes they sold out within a week! if your someone who purchesed one of theses you made my dream come true so thakyou

during 2020/2021 i started to launch my facial products again my face serum was a sell out and my top sellers have been the mask and eye brightening cream

i then started testing hair extension manufactures and i must say a huge huge thankyou to all my salon clients for being my testers with out you tis next stage of my career would not have been possinble did we get some bad batches and waste some money yes we did but you still bought more and tried more out with me i will be forever greatfull for this

so this now brings me to 2023 with 3 hair extention collections launching 6 perfumes 2 oringainals and 4 brand new , the facial range in new packaging

Lunching Empowerd Collections is something i wanted to do to make sure you as my customer look and feel Empowered every day.

i hope you love my products as much as i do and if i can say one last thing before you go shopping on my site, is always chase your dreams and do not let anyone tell you your dreams are not possible

Love Danielle Louise