Empowered Devices

If your on this page we are almost certain that you know Danielle now and how she has built multiple successful businesses, from her salon, to her academy and her products!

But this page is for the good stuff!

If you own a hair salon, beauty salon, aesthetics clinic or medical clinic then the Empowered Aesthetic Devices are for you!

Don’t own any of the above but want an exciting and rewarding career its for you too!

Introducing you to the Empowered Face and Body Devices.

these devices are brand new to the uk market and have so far been loved and trusted by not just by the general public but by celebrities and infulencers too!

Empowered Collections AKA Danielle has secured a contract to some of the most advanced European manufactured aesthetics devices on the market today! Each device comes with 1 year warranty, marketing and social media support, training for you and your team and direct support from Danielle and her team!