Empowered Perfume Collection

After Danielle Launched her perfumes in 2021 her 1st batch sold out within a week! Danielle then went on to restock and again sell outs. Over the year Danielle received feedback that some of the text on her bottles could be hard to read at times and with all the bottles following the same shape and style Danielle decided to re design the bottles!

At this point in time you will find that her two most popular scents are sold out and there is only a remaining few bottles of her “Your Never Alone” left. This scent will not be returning so once its gone its gone!

Her two most popular scents and two brand new scents will be back available on the site soon with a whole new bottle and clearer to read fonts Danielle can not wait for these to go back on sale!

Her perfume collection will consist of the following

Beautiful & Strong being the original two sellout scents and then Magnetic & Solo being the two new scents!

Make sure you are subscribed so you don’t miss the relaunch and see the brand new bottles!