Cleanse & Repair


Cleanse & Repair *100% natural & vegan*

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Cleanse & Repair *100% natural & vegan*
Size – 30ml
Price – £14
This cleanser is a must have for anyone who wants healthy and glowing skin.
A product that’s suitable for all skin types
Contains sea buckthorn oil to help to prevent the appearance and development of fine line and wrinkles. Promoting an overall smoother skin texture, while helping to fade the appearance of scars.
Sea buckthorn is also known to help shield the skin from the sun’s uv rays (i still recommended use of sun cream)
Contains nutrients to boost cellular regeneration while helping to strengthen and restore skin elasticity that we start loosing on a daily basis as we age.
But wait it gets better if you suffer with breakouts this is an ingredient that helps to send signals to the glands to stop producing excess amounts of sebum hence why its perfect for all skin types
The cleanser also contains lavender which helps to detoxify & Repair the skin from the harmful build up of toxins that it faces on a daily basis also with its antioxidant and phytochemicals which also make it useful to fight those signs of premature aging
Other ingredients
Aqua, light coconut oil, floral water, vitamin e and more
☆ How to use ☆
Morning and Evening apply a pea size amount to your finger/s and pat this in small gentle taps around your face and neck, then massage the product into your face & neck slowly once done rinse with cool to warm water or a cool to warm face cloth.
If using a full skin care routine you would follow with a toner or exfoliator ask for more details about what daily skin care routine you should follow based on the age of your skin

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