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I’m having my brows tattooed.. What should I expect?

Photos will be taken before & after treatment – on top of it being fabulous to have some pics for yourself and to share with your friends of your new brows (we’re confident you’ll be excited to share them on social media) but they’re important so that we can assess your healing process and identify areas that may reduce due to swelling and work accordingly on your touch up

A template is drawn.. You will not be alone in thinking ‘OMG.. She’s going to tattoo them that THICK’ I draw my guidelines outside of the area I am going to tattoo – this is because I like to see the natural flow of eyebrow hair where possible and look to mimic the effect of hair strokes (shadows of your own). We tattoo within these lines.

We mix up a pigment taking into consideration your desired colour & most importantly your complexion / Fitzpatrick skin type.

We’ll discuss your desired result and agree to work to your expectations providing they’re realistic. This treatment is to simply create a BETTER version of your OWN brow.. So we will in and create where possible.

Both happy.. Work begins!

The first few passes can be a touch painful.. A light scratching sensation that is over within 2-4 mins.. After this we numb the area up.. This gives me my template ready to start working in the detail into the brow.

Once completed.. They will look initially darker and sometimes red around the brow – just as red as you would from waxing!

They can be slightly tender and swelling is present – though often people can only notice swelling once it’s pointed out to them.

The treatments finished! I have brows! What next?

Keep the brows nice and dry for 7 days.. depending on your skin type different aftercare advise will be given.

Your brows may feel a touch tender and will darken whilst the healing process commences.. You may find once scabs flake away significant colour loss.. This is COMPLETELY normal!

Treat your brows with care – think risk of infection! Keep them clean, follow the aftercare and DO NOT pick!

If pigment appears to have disappeared or look dull.. Don’t panic this is all part of the process.. From weeks 3-4 you will see colour slowly return.

Touch ups are always needed and you will have had your top up appointment booked before you leave your 1st appointment this is usually around 4-6 weeks later – in this appointment we perfect and correct colour and shape when and where needed.

As I say to all my clients.. You will be coming back saying ‘thicker and darker’ but your initial session is merely to asses how your skin heals and to create a base for the final session!

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