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Soften & Smooth *100% natural*

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Soften & Smooth *100% natural*
Size – 30ml
This Moisturiser is a perfect match to the cleanser I posted about yesterday. It’s essential to healthy and youthful looking skin
The You’re Elegance Soften and Smooth face cream is made with marine derived collagen making it a face cream like no other as its a source of type 1 collagen which is a key ingredient to promoting and building skin elasticity which results in a more plumper & firmer looking skin!
A natural collagen peptide that is hydrolysed enabling your skin to absorb it quickly and efficiently.
Also containing vitamin c and neroli oil.
Neroli oil is know to help build the elasticity in the skin as well as generating new skin cells and vitamin C is the secret ingredient to help protect against pollution and the environmental damage we face daily. Improves the skins natural heeling process and brightens skin to give you that healthy youthful glow
How to use
Morning and Evening after using the Cleanse & Repair. Start by applying a pea size amount to your finger/s and pat this in small gentle taps around your face and neck, then massage the product into your face & neck slowly in am upwards motion to help strengthen and tone those facial muscles.
If using a full skin care routine you would follow with a toner or exfoliator ask for more details about what daily skin care routine you should follow based on the age of your skin

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