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Tone & Soothe
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This lavender facial toner has many benefits for the skin but the best parts I live about toners is how super refreshing they make you and your face feel it’s like an instant happy feeling or is for me anyway
Anyway let’s get to the benefits of using a lavender facial toner. It helps to reduce the appearance and size of pores so when your pores are smaller this means your skin looks smoother. Toners work wonders with facial cleansers by help g to remove those last traces of dirt and other impurities on the face such as excess oils and makeup.
Not only that as its a lavender based toner its an antibacterial base helping to target any of those little breakouts we get that can feel red and inflamed by Soothing and calming them.
This is another part of an essential daily skin care routine.
 How to use
Apply a small amount to a cotton pad and wipe from the neck upwards towards the forehead after clearing and before applying Moisturiser

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