You’re Strong


Give the gift of strength to yourself or someone you care about with this beautiful long lasting 50ml perfume

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Give the gift of strength to yourself or to someone you care about.
the sole purpose of the your strong perfume is to start each day with a reminder to yourself that YOURE STRONG  and can get through anything that life throws at you
About the scent
With a gorgeous mixture of wild berries, Sandalwood, white violet and the beautiful jasmine its a scent like no other
Did you know that jasmine is known as
“The Queen of the night”
This is because it stands tall and releases a powerful scent throughout the night
Jasmine aroma can help calm and clear the mind, and encourage relaxation and the release of tension. It is also thought to help restore positivity and encourage self-confidence, self-acceptance and love.
so give yourself or someone you care for the gift to remind them to stand tall just like a jasmine flower
(50ml bottle)

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